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Greece Fashion Diary

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Hey guys!

We are back from our trip to Greece, which felt like the shortest trip ever. We were gone for 3 weeks but it felt as though we landed and left a few days later!! Has anyone ever felt that their trip literally flew by?!

Nonetheless, we had such a great time! We got to visit some new islands, explore little towns, plant our butts in the sand with a cocktail in a hand and eat eat eat!!! 

I simply love summer. The summer heat though… not so much. If you ask my friends they would describe me as a 20-something menopausal women, who is always hot hahah. The heat and myself, we don’t get along so well. On the other hand AC and myself, well we’re kinda like best friends.

That being said my outfits revolved around denim skirts, denim shorts, flowy dresses and lots of bikinis! However, some nights got pretty chilly, so my denim jacket came in handy. 

Every corner in Greece, is an instagramable backdrop. So I had fun shooting some looks throughout our trip. I hope you guys enjoyed them.

xx Mary 



  1. anna

    Beautiful. xoxo

    August . 08 . 17
  2. Michele

    LOVE the different looks! Especially the top in the first and last photo <3

    August . 08 . 17
  3. Melissa

    The pictures are spectacular, you’re gorgeous!

    August . 08 . 17

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